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Friday, February 24, 2006

Budget with MoneyPlants

Only 3 days to go before the finance ministers lays out your fortunes for the next financial year. Media is full of wishlists. Whether the FM will hear them all out is another matter. So what are the key realistic expectations from the budget?

1. More clarity on EET - this is the biggest expectation
2. Relaxation of the Fringe Benefit Tax
3. Expand tax deduction limit from Rs 1 lakh
4. Make interest on bank FDs tax free
5. Remove 2% education cess
6. Allow LTA for foreign trips also, now that holiday destinations are all overseas
7. Reintroduce Tax-free Bonds
8. Pass the pension bill

Budget day will solve the mystery. And MoneyPlants will try and make it simple for you.


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