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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MF returns - Growth, dividends or dividend reinvestment

There are a number of ways in which a MF distributes gains to unitholders. Dividend, Growth and Dividend Reinvestment. At the time of investing, you would have to choose any one of these 3 options. So what's the difference between the 3 and how do you choose?

In a dividend option, when the net asset value (NAV) of the fund goes up, they pay out the gain as dividend. So for instance, suppose at the time of investment your NAV was Rs 20 and after a year it goes up to Rs 25, the MF will distributed the gain of Rs 5 as dividend.Once the dividend is paid, the NAV falls to the extent to which dividend is paid (not exactly to that extent but more or less). Let us assume here that it slips back to Rs 20. Suppose you sell your unit, you will get sale price of Rs 20 only.

In a growth option, the NAV of the fund goes on increasing. The gains are not distributed as dividends but keep on accumulating. When you sell the units, you will get a higher sale value. So if after a yaer, your NAV has gone up from Rs 20 to Rs 25, if you sell your units, you will get a sale price of Rs 25.

Dividend Reinvestment:
In dividend reinvestment, the dividend is invested back into the scheme. When a company declares a dividend, the value of the dividend is converted into an equivalent number of units at NAV, after the dividend declaration date.

So suppose you buy 10 units of a scheme at NAV Rs 20. After a year, the NAV goes up to Rs 25. The MF declares a dividend of Rs 5 per unit. As a result, you are entitled to a total dividend of Rs 50. After the dividend is declared, the NAV slips back to Rs 20. You will now be allotted 2.5 units at NAV of Rs 20. So unlike in the growth option where you sell your units at a higher NAV, in a dividend reinvestment option, you are selling greater number of units at the same NAV.

How to choose?
Taxation decides how you choose an option. That table above shows how the taxation works. On the basis of taxation impact and your needs, here's the result on how to choose:
Choose dividend if...
You are planning to hold the units for less than 1 year ORIf you are holding for longer than a year and want a regular income

Choose growth if...
You are planning to hold the units for more than 1 year and want to allow your fund to grow in value

Choose dividend reinvestment if...
You are holding the units for more than 1 year and want to reduce the impact of capital gains tax on sale because once the dividend is declared the NAV falls and your capital gain is reduced.

But remember that the period of one year will be considered from the day on which reinvestment is done and not when the original units are purchased.

So ideally, a dividend reinvestment option may not make too much sense.

Coming up:
Why MF IPOs are a farce


  • Hello Money Gardener,
    Well.. I lost words for appreciation.. you should write a book! Your writing skills are too good! "simple,to the point and explanatory!"
    As usual,(forgive my useless brain here) I have some doubts:
    1. Let us consider the dividend option of equity MF, I buy at NAV Rs.20 and after sometime it goes to Rs.25, and i am paid the Rs.5 as the dividend. so at the time of sale I dont make any capital gain as i will be selling it at the same rate of Rs.20. So how does the tax of 10% (within a year sell) come into play? Am I missing a point here?
    2. I have read somewhere about this Securities Transaction Tax (STT). Does it apply only for stocks or also for MFs?
    if yes, do we pay this tax both while buying and selling??
    3. And how do I evaluate whether my MF is doing well or not?? (A simple & effective way for stocks i believe is comparin the P/E ratio of your stock to that of the P/E ratio of the market index.) Anything equivalent to that here??

    By Blogger Suudhan Rangarajan, at 3:25 AM  

  • Suudhan,
    There are plenty of books out there for the lay investor. Just that you might never go out and buy something like probably won't even find it because it is not presented to you in the medium that you relate to - and that's the blog medium :-)That's the only reason why you find me making sense.

    Your queries:
    1. You are assuming that you buy the units one year before dividend is declared (assuming dividend is yearly which it mostly is). That may not happen. You may buy a unit at Rs 25 say on 1st jan and dividend is declared on 1st april. On 1st april the value of the unit falls to Rs 20. Then you dont sell it immediately but you sell it on 1st june when the NAV has increased to Rs 23 due to market appreciation. If you sell on 1st june you make a gain of Rs 3 which is short term capital gain and hence taxed at 10%.
    2. STT does not apply while buying and selling MFs directly. However, MFs have to pay STT while they buy and sell shares. And then they pass on the cost to you in the form of entry load. So your entry load would include a tiny bit of STT impact, though it is not told to you.
    3. Now this is a slightly long answer. There are a number of ratios like sharpe ratio, R squared, standard deviation, beta and alpha which are used as comparison tools. These are complicated statistical tools. You can check out and look at the tool 'Fund Compare'. That will give you all the ratios. I will make a post on how to read these ratios, but later.


    By Blogger Money Gardener, at 4:46 AM  

  • Good insights provided. Even I dont understand what r these options and now its clear.

    By Blogger REFLEX, at 3:29 AM  

  • Thanks for the answers :)

    By Blogger Suudhan Rangarajan, at 10:10 PM  

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  • Is it safe to sum it up as returns from the "Dividend re-investment and growth" over a long-term period will be exactly same?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:36 AM  

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  • Hi Thanks for this info.

    I have one more doubt,

    what is the difference between the bonus plan and divident plan?
    For example,
    what is the difference between
    Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus)
    and Reliance Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (D)
    As of now both have the same NAV.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:19 AM  

  • Hi Thanks for this info.

    I have one more doubt,

    what is the difference between the bonus plan and divident plan?
    For example,
    what is the difference between
    Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus)
    and Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (D)
    As of now both have the same NAV.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:21 AM  

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